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About the author:

Pasi Markkanen

p. 044 301 3030

- Planning, photographing and contributing over 100 images to the official Finland Image Bank ( since 2017. Themes include equality, health and well-being, and education. My images have been published on the front page of, in imaging articles, on ThisIsFinland’s Instagram page and in briefings of Finnish embassies around the world.

- 6th place in "Minun maisemani", a competition to which over 40 000 images were submitted. Reaching Finland's Nature Photography of the Year semi-finals in 2017 and 2019.

- Providing images for Porvoo City Council, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the non-profit foundation Me-säätiö and numerous other businesses.

- I spent over a month on a freezing island located right in central Helsinki in 2018. (Kamera-magazine 1/19, PetaPixel, visiting French TV show with 2 million viewers and an interview on Finnish national broadcast media.)

My other articles:

- Camping and photographing on the outer archipelago near Porvoo (Kamera-magazine 4/20).

- Foxy the corgi gains likes on social media (Kamera-magazine 4/19)

- “A Prime Lens Photographer Tries Out Tamron f/2.8 Zoom Lenses” (PetaPixel)

My photos have gained views on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and on other social media.

My photos and CV:

Sea smoke on the sunrise. This photo was ranked sixth for Finland 100 years -photo competition. It was introduced twice on the finnish national broadcast television.

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