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Fifth month on the island

My cabin in nature.

Days are getting shorter and nights longer. As to celebrate darkness came the annual Perseid's meteor shower. First night was cloudy and rainy. On the next night circumstances were more favourable.

I decided to go out at 1 am. When the night was its darkest. First thing outside I felt coldness on my skin and scent of moist ground. The mood was autumnal. Looking towards the sky I saw shades of the Milky Way. As I was walking to the dock the experience hit me. Noises of humanity were absent. I was surrounded only by the sounds of nature. In the corner of my eye I saw a meteor so the photographing began.

Spotting the meteors at my dock.
Closeup of the Milky Way and few traces from the meteors.

Approaching the fall could be seen also from the colors of the evening sky. Increasing humidity made the sky glow redder than before. As the sun set beneath the horizont, an electric blue sky appeared between the colorful clouds. The diverse beauty of the sunsets surprised me time after time.

Inspired by a special sunset I decided to take a photo of me standing on a rock. The rock was on the sea, behind a mass of water that rose above my waist. I lifted my jacket and waded for the rock. Due to the slippery surface and mosquitos surrounding me I barely made it to the top. Finally I managed to stand still for the picture. With a tense posture, squeezing my fist and with wet trousers.

Sun setting behind the trees.
Decorative moment.
Different kind of selfie with long exposure made the chaotic situation look like a zen moment.

There were summery warm days too. Few of them exceeded the finnish heat limit (25c). Overall in August it was much cooler, wind was chillier and nights colder compared to July.

Altocumulus clouds filling the sky.
Leaves bathing in the sun.
Beachview colored by the sunset.
Movements of the water.
A window to the universe.

Raising humidity levels showed also as morning mist and versatility of the clouds. Circumstances were optimal for lightning storms. Rain whipping the island, distant thunder and sheet lightning were a regular sight.

A view from my rowing boat.
Great cormorants and a distant sea mark.
Setting sun filtered by the grey clouds painted moist rocks to look metallic.
Blue green algae made the sea unfit for swimming and for other uses. Luckily it lasted just a couple of weeks during July - August.
Sailboat and the waves.

A continuous beeping that lasted for days turned out to be a communication method of eurasian hobby. They circled around the island, sometimes gliding on the spot without moving, sometimes diving fast.

Eurasian hobby spreading its wings on the top of a deadwood.
Eurasian hobby carrying a dragonfly between its claws.
Fern's sporangium.
Roe deer hiding between ferns.
Rain clouds passing near the island.
Seaweed, shells and rocks.
Feather against the sun.
Colorful clouds and blue glowing sky.
Calm moment after the sunset.

I live and take photos for one year on an island located in Pellinki. After the year I will donate the best 100 images for use in nature conservation. My goal is to find 300 people that will support the project with 3 dollars a month and thus helping me to dedicate my work and life for the nature conservation. You can be one of them by supporting the project on Patreon.

Pasi Markkanen

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