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Ninth month on the island

The most beautiful sunset of December. Unreal colors and a dim light pillar from sun.
Watching the stars.
Swans of the icy sea.
Cabin on the Christmas day.

Along December, sub-zero temperatures and a delicate snow layer came to the island bringing the first winter moods. In the morning and night one could hear quiet crackle from the freezing sea.

When temperature drops beneath zero (32 °F) it shows. Lowering humidity feels as freshness of the air, planks of the dock creaks tensily, light increases even with the smallest amount of snow and nature appears more winterly.

Swans and the setting sun.
Ice sculptures.
Freezing temperature formed an icy dragonfly.
Hails on the ground.
Textures of ice.

Long waited and a bit feared rasputitsa arrived quicker than I could have anticipated. Route to the mainland was frozen. Now I had to figure out how to get food, water and supplies for the winter.

The next morning I went to check out the ice situation. There was a small open pocket of sea around my rowing boat. I got myself on the boat and headed for the ice. At first the thin ice layer broke easily under my oars until thickening ice stopped my way. I sat on the front with a steel shovel on my hand. I hit the shovel through the ice and drag myself and the boat forward. Weight of the boat broke the ice. After a while of hard work the ice got too thick for me to continue. I had to return and figure out a different way.

My friendly neighbours told me that I could use their dock. It is located further from the cape so it stays open longer. I used the technique learned before and started shoveling my way to the open sea. 30 minutes later I was soaked with sweat, but at least my way to the mainland was clear. I went for the supply run to gather food, water and supplies for the winter. Leaving my boat on the other side of the island.

Archipelago views during the sunset.
Clear night and the platform.
Golden sunset.
Cone and golden needles.
A way through the forest.

Freezing temperatures came and went. In December it was mostly raining. There wasn't much bird activity on the island besides swans. Constant darkness made photographing a great challenge.

At the end of December the sea was completely open again. Water level was low and it was cloudy most of the time. Few times the moon spotted through the clouds and painted the island silver.

Snowy rock and its reflection.
Swan washing itself while another one is observing.
Moonlight swim.
Mini island surrounded by mist.
Stormy sunset.
Juniper tree and the sunset tones.

On December's last week the birds showed themselves again. Once I saw mute swans feasting with whooper swans. Mute swans made themselves big by spreading their wings but the whooper swans didn't seem to care.

Among January came the beautiful snow fall. More of that in the next month's photo essay.

Feather and the sun.
Sunset colors and a dim light pillar. Taken from a rowing boat.
Moonlit view and the stars at the New Year's eve.

Pasi Markkanen

I live and take photos for one year on an island located in Pellinki. After the year I will donate the best 100 images for use in nature conservation. My goal is to find 300 people that will support the project with 3 dollars a month and thus helping me to dedicate my work and life for the nature conservation. You can be one of them by supporting the project on Patreon.

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