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Seventh month on the island

Misty night.
The movement of the Earth.
Autumnal sea view.
Fire rain and a mirage.

The beginning of October surprised me by its warmness. Wind blew towards the sea and sea level was record-breaking-low revealing new sides of the island. Cape expanded momentarily to 5 meters (16.4 feet) width until the sea level rose again and the cape disappeared. Wind gusts detached leaves, which drop down adding to the leaf blanket covering the whole island.

Sea view framed by leaves.
Low water level and seaweed illuminated by the dusk sun.
A dock and a boat on an autumn day's light.
A dock and a boat on an autumn day's light II.
Woodpecker listening to insects.
Geese in a V-formation.
Great Cormorants swarming.

Birds were active and spent time near the cabin. Jays gathered and cried loudly. Treecreepers jumped effortlessly from one tree to another. Besides them there were bullfinches, robins, blackbirds and a goldcrest on the yard. One of the most memorable animal encounters was with a mink cub. At 10 meters distance I saw something leaning to a rock. First I thought it was just a piece of driftwood. A moment after I realised it was a mink cub. It shaked it's fur dry and jumped back to the sea and disappeared on the reeds.

Milky Way and the moonlit boat.
Red sunset.
Layers of the sea.
Leaves on the ground.
Golder reeds and the view for the cape.
Branch in the sea.
Sea view after the sunset.

After three weeks the temperature dropped to slightly under zero celsius degrees (32 °F). The dock was icy slippery and the eastern half of the island was covered in light frost. Towards the end of the October days were grey and stars stayed behind the clouds at night. Once I was already half asleep when I saw bright stars through my window. I dressed up and headed to the dock. Two thirds of the sky was already covered with clouds. After a minute, the October darkness conquered the whole sky and forest. After many disappointing night trips I finally experienced a few brighter nights and could also take some Milky Way pictures.

Layers on the rock showing differing heights of the sea.
Autumnal reeds.
After the rain.
Seascape from the rowing boat.

Last weekend of October the heavy mist overwhelmed the island. Temperature was at dew point and an endless amount of tiny droplets were floating in the almost completely still air. While taking an hour long timelapse on the dock, I listened to the night sounds. Flyby of the geese sounded beautiful. I could hear their wings rustle and the pitch change as they flew past me.

End of the fall brought peacefulness. Air was fresh and while washing up in the sea felt harrowing, it brought a sense of living at the mercy of nature.

Guardian of the night cabin.
Hieroglyphs made by insects.
Frost and leaves.
Frosty nettle waiting for the sun to rise.

I live and take photos for one year on an island located in Pellinki. After the year I will donate the best 100 images for use in nature conservation. My goal is to find 300 people that will support the project with 3 dollars a month and thus helping me to dedicate my work and life for the nature conservation. You can be one of them by supporting the project on Patreon.

Pasi Markkanen

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