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Sixth month on the island

Particles from California wildfires reached Finland painting the sun red. Geese flying during the sunrise.

On the first day of September I could already feel the autumn chills. In the morning the temperature in the cabin had dropped to 15°C.

Flooding sea reflecting autumn colors.
High-angle rainbow during the sunset.
Rainbow in closeup.

Despite the lower temperature I had a chance to witness the formation of a thundercloud. A rolling cloud between two air masses passed the island. At the same time, storm clouds started to form above me. Sun was shining on the other side of the island. I heard thunder rumbling pretty far away so I decided to continue shooting. A low-angled rainbow appeared against the dark clouds. I took few pictures and started to prepare my tripod. Right above me the lightning cracked loudly. It was pretty scary so I stopped taking photos and jogged to my cabin. Later I checked the lightning radar and the cloud to cloud lightning had hit just a few hundred meters from me.

A formation of a thundercloud.
Low-angled rainbow against the thundercloud.

First half of September was mainly chilly and rainy. Wind whipped the island and rose the sea level. Few rains lasted days and sometimes there was constant rotation between sunny and rainy though making many beautiful rainbows.

Wave hitting the rock.
Colorful sunrise.
Rain clouds arriving at night.

The seasons lack behind on the island. When the spring was in its full bloom on the mainland, on the island there were just a few first signs apparent. In september when the mainland had its best fall colors the island was still green. Few colorful details reminded of the upcoming autumn foliage.

Leaves of rowan.
Yellow reeds.
Reeds bathing in sunlight.
Small branch and the shine of the sea.

When intense wind and rain paused, the animals started to prepare for the winter. Squirrels were racing beneath the spruces and birds were twinkling near the cabin and looking for food.

Black woodpecker.
Maggots showing their work.
Cloudy day at the beach.
Territorial swans.

End of the month the temperature rose again to 20°C (68ºF). Leaves got yellow and started to fall. Particles from the United States wildfires reached Finland and toned the sunset and sunrises.

A boat crossing the sea while the sun is setting.
Rocks during the sunset.
Rocks after the sunset.
A feather in the wind.

Summer shifted to autumn and brought variation for living and photographing. Temperature in the cabin dropped as low as 10°C (50ºF) so I had to pay attention to my clothing. In autumn I had to do some work to prepare for winter. Making firewood and an extension piece to the dock were relatively easy, even without earlier experience. It brought an important feeling about surviving the winter.

Stars between trees.
Wood-decay fungi, a dead tree and the Milky Way.
Admiring the sea.
Particles from California wildfires reached Finland painting the sun red.

I live and take photos for one year on an island located in Pellinki. After the year I will donate the best 100 images for use in nature conservation. My goal is to find 300 people that will support the project with 3 dollars a month and thus helping me to dedicate my work and life for the nature conservation. You can be one of them by supporting the project on Patreon.

Pasi Markkanen

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